Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2.4 Through the door!

As most of you know, version 2.4 released last night. It was welcomed with mixed reviews. Many love it, others despise it! They are as follows!

1. Several new facial features were released, including an Elven Tatoo, Elf Ears, Vampire Teeth, and Hairstyles for both boys and girls.

2. Alerts now show up on the left side of your screen.

3. Emotes are now purchasable. They have released several new emotes, but they cost gold and tokens. The most expensive one is the Glam Rocker at 8100 gold.

4. In some public spaces, they have put in a robot defender. If you have low levels you can go and click it. It will give you 1000 on every attribute. If someone shoots you, it will do no damage. This is the main problem with the 2.4 release. People disagree about not being able to shoot people who harrass them. It should be available for all or for no-one is the opinion of others.

5. New plants were released. They have released an alien breed that will change any plant you have right now.

6. A buy feature was added for small, non re-useable items. If someone sells an item in it you can buy it from your space without having to travel to Mysterio's for food or Magic.

That was a summary of the 2.4 update. Remember to check out the new forums guys. We've put a good amount of work into it and it's no-where near being finished. Look for a few videos and an interview in the next few weeks!

Keep reading Bloggers,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Release and a New Forum!

Tonight, Smallworlds will release several new items in an update. When we all wake up tommorow, we'll have Guitars, Drums, Arena Wears and Rares, and I've heard rumors of a trading feature! We'll just have to wait and see though. But in the mean time, while Sw is down, I've set up a new set of forums. I've opened a chat in the bottom of the home page of the new forums! So if you want to make new friends, go right ahead and post and message away!

Invite friends, enemys, and all the royal rabbits you know to come visit with us tonight!

I'll see you in the morning!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Royal Bunny Take-Over!

Today, I found myself with a strange hunger for carrots... and diamonds. As the hunger grew stronger and stronger a few friends and I went into Info Hub. We started to take over! The only information we wanted was where they had our carrots!!

Our bunny takeover was sucsessfull! Bow to your new overlords!!!
Todd MicKinney, Skaterchick Elizabeth, Jo Momma, Kleo Da-Boss, Girly Angel, Jake Snipes, Dracula Contess, Alora Foolness, Tiffanay Checkers, Mary Aero, and our loyal photographer James Butterworth!
Bow to your Rabbity overlords!
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Powerway Pro's!!!!

After months of buying V.I.P and recieving a Hotrod Skateboard, we now have a new item!! We have powerway pro's! We get to drive around on our Segway Scooters hoping not to hit anyone or anything. I've had my insureance handy as of late... only had a few minor accidents though.

The Powerway has stats of 20 speed! It's a great thing to drive around islands with when you're bored.

As you can see from the picture of my wife Emilee Harper, Jerimiyah Typhoon, Carmen Williams the 3rd, and I, the Powerway adds siginificant flavor to the SW stores.

Thanks guys!

Ride up,


3.0 and new ideas!

As the 3.0 release approaches, we here at World of SmallWorlds are losing our minds! From what's been said, we'll have loads of great new items! Musical Instruments, Games, and hopefully a trading feature.

We've been busy as of late, and nobody's been commenting on the blog. I plan on trying to bring this back into action quickly! We're going to amp up on posts and cover everything we've missed in the past few months!

We're still looking for new writers for the blog! All help is apprecieated! If you need to contact me mail me inworld! Remember to keep coming back to the blog, many new things are coming!

Thanks Guys,


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry again...

We've been busy as of late, but I'm planning many new things for the blog. I hope to see you all alot this summer! Take care guys!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Item of the Month (Elvis the Penguin)

This month Smallworlds was graced with another amazing wearable. We got to meet Elvis the Penguin. He fits in very well with all the snow and cold around smallworlds right now.

Elvis is available at Mysterio's for only 2000 gold. He doesn't have a tail or wings so you can wear another set of wings. My friend and I (Miss Chic the 3rd) posed for a picture with Elvis. (btw It's would be Elvis's 75th birthday today).

The stats on this item are okay, but not the best. Elvis has 10 Nature, 10 Health, and 10 Speed. Having wings and a board/skates is a good idea with Elvis.

Elvis will become rare at the end of this months folks, so buy up! Lets hope that next months item is equally awesome. Have fun players!

Have fun,

Jake Snipes